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Day 33.
Some days I don’t want to be me. I want to put me on a break and come back to her later. I found an old red wig in my closet that I bought the day after Halloween two years ago when it was half price. I had to have that wig. I thought I would be beautiful with that wig. I thought I would like the girl who would wear that wig. It’s days like today where nothing feels right, nothing quite adds up. The wig doesn’t make me feel pretty anymore, I found it underneath a pile of clothes I’m giving away and will forget I ever owned within the next few months. I feel uninspired and uncertain of who is inside of me.
It’s the kind of day where you eat all of the leftovers in the fridge and then feel sick because you weren’t even hungry. The kind of day where you don’t shower and your feet are cold but it’s too much trouble to put socks on. The kind of day where you walk back and forth from your closet to the kitchen table, taking things out and discarding them into a give away pile and then returning to your half-cold pizza before remembering you also hate that one grey shirt that doesn’t fit right and get up to walk to the closet again.
Everyone has these kinds of days. We all handle them differently, but we all have them. In a few days, everything will feel fine again and the red wig will be back in the giveaway pile and I’ll remember to put socks on and I’ll like myself again because I’ll remember who I am and I won’t question it. These days are like the cracks between the floor boards and every once in a while you get caught in one and can’t quite see out of it until all of the sudden you’re out of it and forgot what it was like to be stuck between those cracks in the floor that holds your life together.

this is perfectly accurate.

took this today, the Black Sea was gorgeous
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